Foto: Franziska Klotz

Franziska Klotz

Contemporary Artist

Franziska Klotz paints landscapes, figures or structures that she observes in the real world. Just as important to her as the examination of reality and the existential questions of being are the means of painting itself: Composition, colour, form and individual expression. Painting remains painting, and a painting is always more than just its motif. Her paintings are therefore always both: snapshots, and thus images of ephemeral objects and people as well as imperishable motif of a work of art.



The Artist

For the artist, painting means experimenting with colour, the juxtaposition of figuration and abstraction. She uses brushes, spatulas or spray paints as well as her fingers in order to be even more directly connected with the picture and art.

The picture shows two figures, surrounded by a multitude of coloured dots - two beekeepers in white protective clothing, surrounded by a multitude of buzzing bees. The red gloves of the figure on the left suggest that the beekeepers are using lactic acid to fight a parasite that threatens "their" honeybees. The colored dots - fingerprints of the painter - on the canvas, which is dominated by white tones, partially condense into clusters. In addition to the white and purple colors that dominate the picture, they set colorful accents just like the red gloves and the yellow scarf. The surroundings, on the other hand, are only delicately hinted at - at first glance it could also be a scene from a science fiction film.

The Art for Auction